Monday, March 21, 2016

Ups and Downs and Easter Week - March 21, 2016


Well, this week was a downer and an upper at the same time. Our two baptismal dates for this Sunday, R**** and A*****, fell through the same day. A*****, because we lost contact, and R***** because he still needs to overcome coffee (and then, coincidentally, we lost contact). I figured that a lot of losing contact would happen, since here in the DR Easter is not just Sunday but a Holy Week, and most everyone gets the week off from most things, and like Christmas they spend it out in the campo with their parents and grandparents or they have people visit them in the city. Also, like Christmas, people become generally more open to talking about Christ and about God, and I am hoping it will be easier to meet some new people. Also also, because everyone has the week off there will be a lot of partying in the streets, and we may have to head home early a few nights this week. It doesn´t help that elections are coming up in may here and that makes everything crazy. 

The good news is that General Conference is coming up, and I get to watch it live (and potentially in English)! Also, we put a baptismal date with C**** and A***** for the 23rd of April, and are praying that C**** will continue to heal rapidly so he can get his leg out of a cast and they can get the things together for their marriage.

A miracle this week: A**** smokes, and since the Sunday before yesterday has not picked up a cigarette. She´s been sick all week, but happy and determined to leave smoking behind. Saturday she said she was thinking about not going to church, since she´d be ashamed of her raspy, almost inaudible voice from the sickness. We explained the power of faith and of the Priesthood, and I gave her a blessing. The next day she showed up to church with C**** and three of their kids happy, healthy, and unashamed. The Lord really does support us when we internally want to change, and not just say we do for someone else´s sake or for what our head tells us. Both C**** and A**** used to drink around 8 cups of coffee a day, but because they have a testimony of the Word of Wisdom (and not because we asked them to--they said they were already on it when we taught them that lesson), they have dropped almost cold-turkey to one cup every other day, and hopefully will not be drinking coffee at all by next week. 

I REALLY, REALLY hope I don´t get transferred next Tuesday--there are SO many people with SO much potential who will be baptized next month, and I SO want to be a part of it! We will see what happens--the Lord´s will be done, I will go where I am sent, or stay where I am kept.

Love you guys, and happy easter! #Hallelujah (#Aleluya)

√Člder Rowe

I told Jacob I wouldn't go as far as saying he is tan so he sent a picture to prove me wrong.  I stand corrected...He has a tan!  Such a Jacob face!

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