Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I Saw An Apostle This Week (and some other stuff) - March 20, 2017

On Tuesday we had a meeting with Elder Anderson of the 12, Elder Maynes of the Presidency of the 70, Elder Acosta of the 70, and the Caribbean Area Presidency Elders Gonzalez, Zivic, and Martinez). It was really powerful. We got a reproach to a certain degree for things we were doing wrong, but it was well received. We were told we needed to focus more on conversion in our investigators, which can be done through two principal means: helping them develop a love for the book of Mormon, and helping them develop a true love for the Savior and his Atonement as they keep commitments and do more than that. We are having a zone conference with President Corbitt on Thursday to talk about it more and to decide what we are going to change.
I am SUPER tired this week. We have been contacting a lot AGAIN because most of our investigators either don't progress OR don't even keep the commitment of letting us back for another appointment. They get busy, they say, or they "forgot." It's okay, though, because we have found some GOLDEN families this week. Let's just hope they don't "forget" about their appoinments...
We have seen some impressive progress in J*** this week though. He is the husband of a super faithful member of the ward named J**** who teaches seminary and works full-time. J*** also works full-time, but has recently been feeling desires to change something about his life, and has been dropping friends and other commitments to spend time with us. This week he even ASKED for us to leave more commitments with him (like stuff to read in the Book of Mormon), which in the past he would always say he never had time to do. He is feeling the Spirit more in his life, and it is drawing him closer to Christ and to his Church. We are really excited to visit with him more this week.

It's great to hear that everyone is busy back home. Lots of fun stuff happening there. Glad you guys had fun at tolo! (His sisters went to a school dance in a group together.) I realized that I know almost none of the people from your group--the crowd has changed so much since I've been gone!
As for door approaches with the Plan of Salvation, (His sister asked him how he would incorporate the Plan of Salvation in a door approach (a challenge from her Sunday School teacher,,,)) just start talking to people about their family. Ask them how important the family is in their life, and extend the proposal that they could be with their families even after death. then explain that it is through the Atonement and living the Gospel that such is possible.
Teaching at the MTC would be a GREAT job, actually. I would love to do that. (I was hoping I could apply for him in advance but I looked into the application and I think he will have to wait to apply until he is home.  That means that he could possibly be hired for Winter if there are openings. I think the time frame it too tight for Fall.  We will see...)  
I love you guys! I miss you. Take Care!!
Elder Rowe

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What a Week! -March 13, 2017

This week we: 
1. Got power back
2. Bought gas (so they can use their stove)
3. Went to the Temple for the second-to-last time with Pres. Corbitt (and the 3rd-to-last time in my mission 0.o)
4. Had a Mission Leadership Council (all the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and Zone Leader Trainers or "Super" Zone Leaders)
5. Discovered a new part of the area we'd never been to and found 2 families of investigators who are super excited to have us back
6. Came to the capitol today to practice the special musical number and stay the night here to practice early in the morning again before Elder Anderson shows up (pray for me on that one--I need the all the help I can get) (He is accompanying a choir number.  Luckily it is a song he practiced pre-mission but he doesn't get much time to work on his piano skills.  I am sure the Lord will bless him for his desire and work and he will be great!)

And many other things. That is the basic synopsis.

BYU Stuff:
1. YES. I will happily room with Zach!  (His cousin that entered the MTC the same day he did. Leslie and I got together and signed them up for housing before I had a chance to talk to Jacob.  I was confident he would be thrilled with the idea!)--that will be AWESOME. Congrats to him for getting in! I didn't know.  Also, being in cooking dorms I can make dominican food... ;)
2. Classes--just spent a few minutes writing them down and thinking on it--I already know that I want to take writings of Isaiah (I bet you guessed), Compsci, Phys, and Music 101. The rest I will need to think more about. If the spanish 321 class isn't too heavy credit-wise, that would be nice as well so I don't lose what I have improved IMMENSELY here speaking it all the time. Could you look into opportunities to keep speaking my language, like clubs or activities that have to do with meeting other people who speak it and practicing?

AAANNDD I am totally out of time. Shoot. I love you guys so much! Take care, and stay awesome all of you!
√Člder Rowe

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"SICK" week - March 6, 2017

Elder J***** and I had a SICK week this week. We went to Santo Domingo for meetings, we planned zone meetings, we gave follow-up, received, contacted, and put a baptismal date with a reference from President Corbitt in under 24 hours, found tons of new people and future service opportunities, went out with members who had never accompanied us before, and were on public radio teaching the Restoration thanks to a local member who owns some airspace. All in all, an awesome week.

JRRSSICRR!! WEEEOOOO!!! (Jessica was accepted to BYU in Provo so they will be there together in the Fall) We should definitely take American heritage together--we could be great study tools one to another, like you said. (BTW, I totally knew you were getting in already--there's no way they'd turn down a hardworking and diverse student like you!)  To answer your question, following the little promptings is HUGE as a missionary. That's basically how you run every lesson. You go in with plans, ideas, goals, and scriptures, and then you let the Lord take the wheel on which ones to bring up and apply, or even on what to change the topic to if it doesn't feel right. That's what the Lord talks about when He says that your mouth will be filled--you study all you can to have it all in your head, and you let the Lord work wonders with the info you have stored up there.

I love and miss you guys! It is always great to hear from you. I have been thinking a lot this week about my relationship wth you all. I never really strove to have a trust relationship with any of you (especially Mom and Dad) until right before I left, and it's one of the things I most regret. It is a partial consequence of past mistakes, but it also has to do with the fact that I kept to myself way too much. There was (and will be) so much fun to be had. Suffice it to say all of you will get a lot more Jacob time when I get home--I'm looking forward to it!

Elder Rowe