Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Responsibility and the blessings of Obedience- June 20, 2016

So...transfers are here. And the verdict is: I stay. I will be a district leader now, so...yeah. More responsibilities. More work. It should be great, though. I will be receiving an Elder R*****, who I know nothing about, but with whom I've been coordinating by means of his companion since he is SUPER sick. Like, sick to the point I'm not sure if he'll be able to be transferred tomorrow. I may have to stay in a trio (I am already in a trio, since Elder B**** from my district went home today and transfers aren't until tomorrow). Elder Sm*** is going to be a Zone Leader far away in the campo (San Pedro). He is worried about it, but I'm not. He is super intelligent, an excellent leader, and knows how to tough-love improvement out of people. He will do great things out there. Funny thing, he's going to be zone leader with my last companion, Elder d****. It will be an awesome transfer for them both.
This was a great week for finding new people. While we don't have any fixed baptismal dates for July yet, we have TONS of new potential. Our recent converts are doing great for the most part. The only downside is Y***, whose friends in the Church are almost all less actives and/or "loose" with the standards. However, they have been much more active recently with Y***'s baptism, so...we will see if we can't get some reactivations out of it.
I am super grateful for the time I have had as Elder Sm***'s companion. I have always striven to be obedient, but I have often still felt the tug of the world making me not want to be so. I have been guided by a great example this transfer, and upon being EXACTLY obedient (even the tiny stuff like always staying in the same room in our house) I have developed a desire to do so always. It actually hurts when I do something wrong, because this transfer I have seen the blessings and benefits spiritually of being obedient and I don't want to lose that. I have felt the Spirit these last couple of weeks more deeply and continuously than I have ever felt it in my life. The cool thing is, it hasn't even been that hard. It seems hard from the outside, but once you get started it is easy. THe hard thing is continuing to work super hard, because I am always tired from being diligent. I know the Lord is giving me strength, because I would not be getting up at 6:30 at home if I were doing as much during the day XD. I feel ready to be an example to my companion, and to not lower my standards for him or for anyone else. I feel a little uneasy about the extra responsibilities as district leader, but although the first week or two may be rough the kinks will work themselves out.
We had a ward karaoke party this week, and we invited tons of investigators and less actives to be there. We went for a bit, sang We'll Bring the World His Truth as Elder Sm*** played the guitar, and did a duet of Glorious by David Archuleta before leaving. It was fun. We have really been able to wake up the members here to the plight of the ward (their attendance has been dropping and they haven't been going out with us much), and they really like us. Elder S*** will be sorely missed. It has been in this transfer that the Elder Sm*** has been invited to eat at members' houses, and he has eaten multiple times with various people. I'm super excited to stay; the area is in a convenient location to get to meetings and such, and it is exploding with potential.
Anyhow, until next week!
√Člder Rowe

Jacob was very happy to send Trix shapes cereal! (He sent usa picture but I thought I would spare you.)

Baptism of W**** and J**** M*** and Y***.  W**** and J**** were married on Friday and baptized on Saturday.
                                   Jacob trying sugar cane.  He said it was actually pretty good.

                                                                    Jacob's district.

His companion made him jello popcorn (caramel corn, but with jello for flavoring and with a reduced amount of sugar). It was lemon-flavored, and he said "it was AMAZING!"  

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