Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Highs and Lows - July 25, 2016

So yeah...I´m pretty sick. I can´t think straight. I also can´t write too much without getting nauseated, so we´ll see how much I manage to get written here.

We had another baptism this week. E***** is a less active member who got baptized like 30 years ago and his records were lost since he inactivated shortly after being baptized. He had a TON of opposition the day of his baptism. His daughter came to live with him because her husband was trying to kill her. He got his cellphone stolen. He got to talking with a pastor from another religion. In general, he just felt bad. But he didn´t let Satan win.

We went out with our ward mission leader twice this week. He is one of the founders of this particular region (as in, one of the first people to start living here), so he knows EVERYONE. He introduced us to a bunch of less actives and we got a couple of references through talking to those less actives. That was pretty cool.

This week was really great. We found a few new investigators, and have made some plans to better our management of the area. Just last night and today have really sucked. I´ve had a little of everything--fever, bone and muscle aches, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, etc. It´s been a long 24 hours. Hopefully this is behind me, since I am already feeling better. Everything tastes bitter, though. WHY DOES EVERYHTING TASTE BITTER?!?

Anyhow, that´s all I think I´m gonna get out this week. Next week I´ll upload some photos from this week and stuff. Love you guys!

Élder Rowe

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