Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Got Wet. - Sept 12, 2016

It rained. A LOT. Well, just the first couple of days in the week, but STILL. Much flooding, because our area is like a bowl, and the drains get clogged up because everybody throws their trash in the street when they see a bunch of rain so they don't have to deal with carrying it away.

Today I'm going to be kinda short, because I have some stuff I have to do for an upcoming mission tour with Elder Zivic of the Seventy. I do have a few nuggets, though.

This week we met a family (mom(60ish), daughter(35), 4 grandchildren) who were investigators for a couple of years, but lost contact with the missionaries about 2 years ago. They are super cool, super receptive, and if it turns out that they remember lots of stuff when we start reviewing the lessons this week, super prepared. However, it seems that they were with some pretty disobedient missionaries when they were investigators. We passed by after our visit a couple of days later to say hi and happy birthday to the daughter, and she totally invited us to stay...suffice it to say we said no right away, not only because we have more important things to do but because the atmosphere there was NOT good. They also are planning to go to Boca Chica (famous tourist beach) this weekend, and INVITED US ALONG. What the heck?! Again, no, but we just felt really weird every time they said something like that. For example, they said that they used to go to the missionaries' house when one busted his leg, and they'd go make food and talk and hang out. uhh.... Anyhow, they are excellent, and I feel like they will surely desire to be baptized in October. They would be SUPERB members of the church, because they have the really friendly way of always offering food or a seat and of knowing everyone in the neighborhood.

We also had a temple trip with D****, the adult daughter of a less active member of the ward. She LOVED it, and really liked going to church yesterday. Although externally she doesn't show her interest too much (it sometimes looks like she's disagreeing or falling asleep), she says she feels a special Spirit when we visit, and we feel it too. Another person who popped out of nowhere and is super prepared for baptism.

On Sunday we met another girl who I honestly thought was a member already. She is the only person in her family coming to church, and the missionaries have never visited with her. Miracles. Another person whose family could really benefit from the Gospel.

OH--TRANSFERS. I am staying AGAIN in this tiny area. I'm going to have 6 months here. I have mixed feelings on that one. I find consolation in the fact that tons of potential has popped up in the area this week, and in the promise that the Lord has people prepared for me. Also, they are taking my son away! :( Elder R**** is headed to another zone. I hope I trained him well, because I am going to train again. This group is huge, so there are TONS of trainers. I'll let you know next Monday who the second born is.

Love you guys! So much more I want to write, but I never have time! GAAH.

√Člder Rowe

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