Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What a Week! -March 13, 2017

This week we: 
1. Got power back
2. Bought gas (so they can use their stove)
3. Went to the Temple for the second-to-last time with Pres. Corbitt (and the 3rd-to-last time in my mission 0.o)
4. Had a Mission Leadership Council (all the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and Zone Leader Trainers or "Super" Zone Leaders)
5. Discovered a new part of the area we'd never been to and found 2 families of investigators who are super excited to have us back
6. Came to the capitol today to practice the special musical number and stay the night here to practice early in the morning again before Elder Anderson shows up (pray for me on that one--I need the all the help I can get) (He is accompanying a choir number.  Luckily it is a song he practiced pre-mission but he doesn't get much time to work on his piano skills.  I am sure the Lord will bless him for his desire and work and he will be great!)

And many other things. That is the basic synopsis.

BYU Stuff:
1. YES. I will happily room with Zach!  (His cousin that entered the MTC the same day he did. Leslie and I got together and signed them up for housing before I had a chance to talk to Jacob.  I was confident he would be thrilled with the idea!)--that will be AWESOME. Congrats to him for getting in! I didn't know.  Also, being in cooking dorms I can make dominican food... ;)
2. Classes--just spent a few minutes writing them down and thinking on it--I already know that I want to take writings of Isaiah (I bet you guessed), Compsci, Phys, and Music 101. The rest I will need to think more about. If the spanish 321 class isn't too heavy credit-wise, that would be nice as well so I don't lose what I have improved IMMENSELY here speaking it all the time. Could you look into opportunities to keep speaking my language, like clubs or activities that have to do with meeting other people who speak it and practicing?

AAANNDD I am totally out of time. Shoot. I love you guys so much! Take care, and stay awesome all of you!
Élder Rowe

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