Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Companion Bonding - Feb 1, 2016

I am feeling much better this week in some ways, worse in others. Let me explain. 

I don´t know why, but it has always seemed this transfer to be weekends and Mondays when stuff goes down, so I´m not in the best mood when I write. This week, not so. 

Elder H***** and I are cool now. Whatever problems we´ve had have been resolved. We´re actually pretty good friends, for right now. This week Elder H****, who has clashed a bit with President Corbitt in the past, has set himself straight with him. Ever since they talked and since he and his ex-girlfriend have made amends (still remaining separate), he has been almost a completely different person. We laugh, talk, joke, share experiences, and I´ve really been able to learn a lot from him and his past, in and out of the mission. Also, the service thing has already been in play-I cook for him, help him out however I can with his district leader duties, and we had a rather interesting weekend (as I´ll explain más adelante).

Last transfer, as I think I already mentioned, Elder M***** and I basically disregarded the opposite sex rule, and that hurt the area, as I can now see. Tons of investigators, almost all women, who aren´t really interested and don´t progress (and who we now can´t visit because of the rule). However, up to this point Elder H***** and I have been striving to be obedient, and we´ve felt like our efforts have not paid off too much, with baptismal dates falling through and a lot of days of either contacting 6 hours a day or of all our appointments and backups and backup-backups falling through. However, this week we started to get stuff together to get members going out with us more often, and we went out twice with a recently (3 months) returned missionary. We received 6 references, all of which appear to have a lot of interest--at least, once we get to contact them. 

Thursday night we were going to begin contacting the references. We were climbing a hill in the less-wealthy part of our area and I heard an "ACK!" Turning around, I saw a little piece of wood flush with Elder H*****´s elevated right shoe, with a rusty nail on either side of the board. The one in the middle went right into the forward pad of his foot, about an index-fingernail deep. I pulled it out, we talked to Sister Corbitt and Dr. Reagan (the mission doctor) and got him home. We spent the rest of the night at home. Friday we were at home all day, except around lunchtime when we went to the DR MTC (where Doctor Reagan has his office) to get a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and counsel to stay inside for the weekend. We still went to our Noche Blanca Saturday so i could be a part of the musical number and to participate in the special Spirit of the baptismal service, but Elder H***** couldn´t take not having his foot elevated above his heart, and after going outside to sit down he fainted from the pain. He is really strong: didn´t hardly make any noise or complaints about the pain he´s had almost consistently the last few days. We didn´t leave the house yesterday either, even for Church. We feared his foot wound might get infected, or that the nail had entered the joint or tendon sheath, but because Elder H***** has been able to walk around the house a little today, has been able to walk here to the internet shop, and has not developed feverishness or anything else, we are pretty confident that, even with the depth, the nail didn´t hit anything critical, and that the Lord is healing him. We are going to try to have one appointment tonight, and to go out at least a couple of hours at a time tomorrow, depending on how Elder H*****´s foot feels after we head home here in a bit. All that time in the house together with nothing but scriptures, playing cards, and a chess-checkers set has given us a lot of time to bond, and has given me a lot of time to reflect and to analyze my plans to improve, how they´re going, and how I can do better. 

Also, the Lord looks after His missionaries. Apart from the rapid healing of Elder H*****´s foot, just at the point when all our food ran out and we got sick of eating eggs a million ways (you can have them delivered from a colmado corner-store), we are now able to leave the house a little bit, we can do some shopping on the walk back to the house, and will be able to go get our apoyo out of the bank tomorrow for a bigger shopping trip later. Tender mercies, ladies and gents: they´re everywhere. I´ve started to make a daily list of tender mercies on a sticky note in my agenda. This week I slacked a bit, what with being in the house all day and not touching my agenda, but next week will be better.

I love you all, and hope you have an awesome week!
Élder Rowe

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