Monday, January 25, 2016

Simplicity and Courage - Jan 25, 2016

Hi there everyone,

First off, thank you so very much for all the thoughts, prayers, and support. It actually makes me want to cry. :)

This week has been much the same as the last, as far as numbers go: less than 8 lessons in the entire week. We have one progressing investigator, R*****, who gives me a lot of hope. He is 19, and for being 19 in the DR he is VERY different. He is concerned with faith and religion, doesn´t drink (as far as we know... it doesn´t seem so), and has a baptismal date for the third weekend in February. Although he doesn´t capture information all that quickly, he strives to read the Book of Mormon and to read the pamphlets we give him. We also gave him the Mormon Channel website so he can watch and listen to mormon messages, scriptures, talks, etc., since he said that would be easier and rather handy for him. Although we won´t baptize this month, I know that the Lord blesses us according to our obedience, ESPECIALLY in the mission. And honestly, I shouldn´t be as depressed as I am right now about Elder H*****: he still goes out and works (we walk the streets all day), we still talk and laugh and joke, and he doesn´t get mad at me too often. We only clash when it comes to teaching styles (although we´ve almost fixed that) and because we´re both prideful (myself more than him) about our way of doing things (for example, going out with members: I feel it should be a fellowshipping experience for the investigator that we should not pressure the members too much, while he just wants to call a member and have them walk visit to visit with us for 2-3 hours).The root of the problem, I think, is that pride, that desire to do things my way, and also my fear of men over God. I am not very direct, and I teach in circles. I need to learn simplicity, and courage, but I´m not yet sure where or how to start. However, I know the Lord will give me direction as I keep studying and praying. He will help me to think small, to think simple, and to help the great things come to pass therefrom.

Also, if the mission plaques are still a thing, I think I´ve decided on the scripture I want for it. It´s in Luke 22:31-32, and with the JST it reads:
"And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift the children of the kingdom as wheat:
But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren."
I´m not entirely sure yet, but that does stick with me. There´s also D&C 6:36-37, which is our mission "lema" (slogan, I think?). I like how, if you translate it into Spanish, it doesn´t just say "Look unto me in every thought," but it says "elevate your every thought unto me." That´s really my biggest goal this week: elevating every thought to the level worthy of a representative of Jesus Christ, lifting myself thereby out of anger, frustration, demotivation, or whatever else.

Again, thanks so much for your prayers and support; I know that I am loved, and that gives me great comfort.

√Člder Rowe

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