Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Goat meat gives you energy?? - April 18, 2016

Hi there guys! Love you!

This week wasn´t all that out-of-the-ordinary. We helped an Adventist teen write a talk for the celebration of a year from his aunt´s or grandmother´s passing, went to a cosecha (all the missionaries go to one area and either go contacting, looking for old investigators, and/or looking for less actives--we did the first two) in Alma Rosa, went to the temple gardens with C**** and family, E**** and M****, and a kid named C****, met a new investigator, picked up C****´s birth certificate so he and A**** can get married this week (we´re still waiting for approval from A****, though), and had a dinner lesson with all the extended family of one of our less actives, E****. That extended family included various people who were visiting from Italy, and they kept calling us Ancianos (ancients), because that´s what the missionaries are called there XD. We ate goat burgers, which were actually really good. We didn´t sleep well that night, but not from indigestion or anything. Apparently goat meat has a reputation for giving people a lot of energy. I woke up at least 6 times that night, but even with that I didn´t feel tired the next day. Elder d****  saved one for the next night to test the theory, and while I slept fine, having not eaten one, he had trouble sleeping. Case ·probably· closed?

I don´t have much time left, nor do I have too much to say. I love reading these letters every week, I really do. Jessica--I´ve been to the temple 4 times--twice just to the gardens with investigators, and twice through sessions (we go as a mission every three months). Also, it is super crazy to say I almost have seven months out here. The time goes by WAY to fast. Also Emma, yeah, it is actually a little odd to read English, and I´m TERRIBLE at speaking it right now, because there are so many spanish phrases that simplify things or because I forget how to say something in English. I do still remember a lot of vocab, though :) funny enough, even at district meetings most of the gringo elders speak spanish to each other, even if their accent isn´t the best.

Anyway gotta go. I love you guys! 
Élder Rowe

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