Monday, May 2, 2016

No Time To Share All of the Great Experiences! - May 2, 2016

Last weeks letter said "Time running out because of ridiculously slow internet. Tons of exciting news, but I cant share until next week, because no time. 
Bye! Love you all!
Elder Rowe"
It also said he didn't have any specifics about skyping on Mother's Day...

No time again. GAAH.
cut/paste pres. letter:

We have truly been blessed as a mission this month, and I know that we can, together, reach 200 baptisms in May. Among the miracles I've seen, we may include:
Sister R*** A***(mother of Bishop A***** ) received the impression in a stake conference near the end of March that, nearly 18 years after her son´s baptism, she was ready to be baptized. She struggled with coffee until the last week before her baptismal date, when she was able to drop it and has not looked back since. Her son was able to baptize and confirm her, and their eyes were full of tears of joy in both moments.
R****, a youth we´ve been working with (and have put 2 baptismal dates already), somehow has a habit of disappearing on us without warning, then showing up a week later saying he'd gone to work with his father. He now has a steady job, 8am to 7pm with only Sundays free, and on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays he has school starting at 7. Thus, it´s been difficult for us to find him. I had almost lost hope that we´d see him again. Then, one Monday evening, we felt the impression to go check on his house. It was 6 o'clock, and he shouldn't have been home by our reckoning, but we went anyway, with faith that we'd find him. Sure enough, there he was, taking care of his younger brother, who'd been sent home from school that morning because of the rain, forcing R**** to stay home from work. We sat down to talk with him about preparation for baptism before the end of the month, but then his mom got home. She shouted a few bad words at R****, then told us we were losing our time, that he was a hablador, etc. However, we felt the impression to call her back and share with her, too. We were able to share the good traits R**** has, that he's neither in the street nor drinking nor chasing girls, and that he has desires to be baptized. Her heart was softened--she said we could come back Sunday to talk with them as a family. Unfortunately, we were coordinating a baptismal interview with R*** A*** so she could enter the temple today to do baptisms, and we couldn´t make it to their house. However, Elder d**** and I are agreed that they can be baptized together this month; we just need to get the mom going to church and get some appointments in at 8pm when they are both home.
As we helped with the baptisms in Sabana Larga the night of the 30th, we came out late, around 8:45 pm. Being a Saturday night, we couldn't go directly to the Venezuela (the area not the country :) ) to catch the only gua-gua (bus) route that goes to our area. We managed to get over to a lower part of the Venezuela, away from the nightclubs, and suddenly a carrito passed by going to Los Tres Brazos. There are no routes that pass by there normally, but by that miracle we got home before 9:30.
I have also seen lots of little things in the day-by-day. We'd be walking to go catch a gua-gua and decide to take an alternate route. We received 2 references that way. We also found out that one of our investigators, Y**** C*****, is a friend of both M**** E**** and M***** R*****, two returned missionaries with whom we are most often able to go out. We also got to introduce one of our investigators to our Relief Society president, and in the process found out that the husband of that investigator was a progressing investigator, with a baptismal date and everything. We're not sure what happened, but we will keep looking into that. 

love you guys, look forward to seeing you next Sunday. I will be calling from a members laptop.

I want to send photos and tell stories, but no time. GAAH.

√Člder Rowe

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