Monday, May 16, 2016

Transferred! - May 16, 2016

Cordial Salutations!
My new area is AWESOME. Our internet center has A/C, newish computers, fast internet, and nice keyboards! The area is the perfect mix of city and campo. Slow-and-easy lifestyle, but closeness to city conveniences and district meetings. Colmados don't make a ton of noise playing dembow except on weekends. We have an investigator who owns a candy-and-cookie distribution shop, and when I first met him he gave us a pack of vanilla wafer cookies on the house. We have another family of investigators whose dad is a taxi driver, and has been our means of getting around during transfers and other meetings at the office. My old companion is now training, and my new one just finished doing so. Elder S**** is a total Star Wars geek and the two of us have very similar personalities. He has almost 16 months in the mission, and is from Syracuse, UT. Yeah, we get along great.
When I was going to be with Elder S****, President Corbitt told me two things: first, that I was going to be his help for Spanish because he still struggles a bit, and second, that he is one of the most family-focused and family-baptizing missionaries out there. I have been trying to put together some spanish study activities to do together. The second statement I have found to be super true. He really knows how to bring families together for lessons. He also is very humble. He recognizes that his spanish is lacking, and thus depends on the Lord to carry his message to the hearts of investigators by the Spirit. He is a great example for me, and I am already learning a lot from him. He has had a rough life, but he is a shining person in spite of it.
Well, David (a young man from our ward just returned from his mission to Mexico City) has lost 25 pounds? I've gained 30 (it's the rice and the being lazy with exercise; that's been fixed already, since Elder S**** wants to lose weight and we're going to focus on exercise and a healthier diet). It shows in my face.
I dunno that there's much else at the moment. More updates as they come!
Love you guys,
Elder Rowe

Ozama Zone (in their zone shirts) from his previous area Los Tres Brazos

Jacob and his new comp eating pineapple

Making passion fruit juice which he says is DELICIOUS!

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