Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So Transfers are Happening... Oct 24, 2016

AYYY. Whattydo?
Before anything else, we had a baptism this Saturday! D****, an early 40s lady with a rather strong temperament, asked that I baptize her. She showed up late (in classic Dominican fashion) but made it on time (to the minute) for her confirmation Sunday. Her 15 year old daughter M**** is now next in line, but she still feels too unready to even set a date. However, we'll see what the Spirit has to say about that one...
I am (finally) leaving Villa Esfuerzo (everyone has been saying so since Thursday). I will be headed to Los Molinos B in the Las Americas zone (my area goes from the Hipódromo [hippodrome] to the ocean, if you want to look it up on a map). I will be training (round 3), and being a district leader again. By virtue of training and transferring at the same time, I will also be whitewashing. :/  So yeah, that's happening. The good news is that I will be in a house of 4, and one of the missionaries in my house just spent four months in my area before getting transferred to the other half of it. That will make life easier. Blessings are everywhere guys--you've just got to look for them.
One of my converts here, E****, has plans in this week to give the missionaries TONS of references. We are super pumped about that. We also met with a less active lady this week named C**** (she showed up at church this Sunday--WOOT). C**** has about 2 years as a member, but around 7-9 months of that being less active. She has the most incredible testimony of prayer that I have heard in anyone. She shared experience after experience and her eyes filled with tears as the Spirit flooded her house. She has just been making excuses about people visiting her as reason to not go to church, but she felt the need to return and stay back. She is a sure reactivation.
On Friday we had a couple of great lessons, but then everything started falling, and we weren't sure why. We then saw 3 miracles in a row. We went to tell Hna. M**** (another recent convert) about D****s
baptism, and by chance came across her in the street before getting there. We also coordinated so that she could bring C***** to church, or at least remind her. We then wanted to go by Hna. J****, who has been bringing an 11 year old daughter-of-a-friend named A****to church, to see if she and A**** could go to the baptismal service. We promptly proceeded to see her getting home from work, and got to chat with her. We decided to invite the U**** family to the baptism in person, since they are the primary fellowshippers of D****, and went by their house. By chance they had just gotten home. Hno. U**** had been sick early that morning and went to the hospital because he was chest-congested, and just as he left the hospital he had to go pick up his wife from work early, because she was feeling bad. They went to a different hospital, and as it turns out Hna. U**** had that day lost a baby she didn't know she had (2 weeks) because she was overexerting herself at work. We showed up just when Hno. U**** was praying that we could be there, were able to give them both blessings, and were able to lighten their spirits a bit. The Lord really guides us through what we sometimes think are our own ideas, but they really come from the Spirit. If we let Him, He will guide us to those people who are prepared to hear the gospel or who are in need of a visit, whether or not we are missionaries and whether or not the day is going well.
Hna. A***** is doing well. She proposed marriage to her husband and he accepted, so she will be getting married here soon and will be baptized the 6 of November. I'm going to see about getting permission to go back for that one, since I will be so close to the area anyway. She offered us dominican spaghetti last night and had us take arepa (delicious sweet cornbready stuff) for breakfast this morning. I am going to miss visits with her and her family.
I hope the internet centers over in Los Molinos have more functioning USB ports, because the internet centers here don't. I have so many pics I want to send but can't. Maybe next week.
Elder W**** is staying here to receive a Guatemalan named Elder G*****. The immersion will be good for him. He has already progressed so much in spanish and in teaching abilities, and I am excited for him and for all the opportunities he will have in the area.
I think that is everything for now. I love, miss, and pray for you guys! Can't believe I hit 13 months yesterday. Time flies. Be safe, and have a great week!
Élder Rowe

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