Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Santa Vaca! - October 31, 2016

I don't have much time, so I'm just going to brain splurge:

It feels like I just went through the last 12 months of the mission this week. Whitewashing stinks in this area. We live in a house of 4, but we all work in the same ward. My ward (Los Molinos) extends from the Km. 12.5 of the Las Americas highway until Valiente (it's like 9 kilometers long). The area division is pretty stupid, but we survive. My area is Invi-Dorex and La Ureña. The other elders have everything else in between. It costs 80 pesos for a round trip to la Ureña (because we'd waste a lot of time walking). It's about a half-hour walk to the ocean from where we live in Invi-Dorex, but there are no beaches. We just take public transit everywhere, to have as much proselyting time as possible. Invi-Dorex (we just call it Hipódromo) is full of rich people with almost American style houses (lawns, high fences, two stories, open layouts, etc.) and apartments. There are some members who live up there (ourselves included), but it stinks as far as proselyting goes. People hardly live in their houses, and when they are home they make sure it looks like nobody's home. I've only been down to La Ureña twice and it is huge; however, from what little I've seen it will be the best as far as proselyting and finding investigators goes. The thing that stinks is that it's a 10 minute, 25 peso bus ride and a 15 minute walk from the church, so a lot of investigators and members out there struggle to come to church for money reasons. It is half city (the half by the Las Americas highway) and half campo (up by the Av. Ecológica), and there is always a lot of movement. It feels more homey to me, seeing as I have been in the city for a year. My new son is a stepson,  Elder C**** from Sinaloa, México. Stepson because I am technically finishing his training, since he served one transfer in the Mexico DF North mission while awaiting his visa. The other two guys in my house are Elder Co*** (7 months) from Portland and Elder O**** (13 months--my group) from Brasil. The district is just us four. I have been a little disappointed by the obedience in the district and zone thus far. There seemed to be so much more unity, effort, and organization in Hainamosa, and Las Americas A has been different. Not to say it can't get better, nor to say it is the fault of anyone in particular. Suffice it to say that there will be some changes in the obedience of my household ASAP. I always thought that such things as I'm seeing had been done away with already, and that I was still somewhat disobedient by lack of effort. I don't meant to be prideful, but I feel like I need to bring some others up to the level that I'm at before we can push for consecration. I just hope that the Lord can tell me how to do so without pride and without causing problems between our companionships.

Yikes that sounds so negative. I need to better my attitude this week. I have tons of pics, but they will have to wait. Basically, all I am saying is that there is a lot of work ahead of me right now. I just need to take things one day at a time. 

I love you guys. I pray ever for your safety and well-being. I feel your love and support; I really do. It is hot here. Really hot. I got sunburned for the second time on my mission (my first time since training) when we went out to La Ureña to just walk around with the other Elders (ELder Co*** was just serving there) and meet people. Our house was messy and full of junk, but we got most things organized, cleaned, and trashed already. Talk to you more coherently next week!

Élder Rowe

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