Tuesday, January 3, 2017

He is tired! - Jan 2, 2017

I am EXHAUSTED this week. We are working a lot harder on talking to everyone as Preach My Gospel, and we are working on asking for references from everyone since we almost never get any. We are already seeing results. We found a super prepared guy named J*** S***** this week, and in our second visit with him he accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of January. He has a miraculous healing story with an invasive hip surgery he had recently that is already almost completely healed. He is super interested in finding a church where he FEELS the truth, and not where people tell him what he has to believe. That is the coolest thing about the restored gospel: as a missionary I have taken the habit of telling people to not believe a word I say, and I can do so with confidence because I know that if they pray the Spirit will tell them the truth. It is so great to know that the Spirit can teach for me.

Other than that, the week has gone kind of slow. Every person we have found has asked us to visit them later or another time, and their references have been out of town or have said the same. We had a training meeting with president Corbitt to make sure that this month is the best yet by our best efforts. It was super good. We also played monopoly on New Year's Eve between the four of us, and that was alright. We finished all the Christmas snacks and candy, finally. 

I hope to have some special experiences from this week--Elder C***** and I have big plans and high hopes. Love you guys!

√Člder Rowe

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