Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trial by Fire - Jan 23, 2107

I am 100% brain-dead right now. I NEVER would have though that being a zone leader would eat up so much time and take away so much from proselyting. I don't even know all the people who are going to be baptized this weekend yet! This week, my companion and I:
-received nightly reports
-planned and brought about a temple trip for missionaries and investigators in 2 days (we actually did  it Saturday)
-Did exchanges so that my companion could keep working in our area and I could do a "harvest" (divisions in another area with members) to help out the sisters in Consuelo
-Cleaned and organized the chapel
and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and did I mention that they cut power to our house by a mistake and haven't come to fix it yet? The others in the house haven't had power for almost 2 weeks. Stupid dominican power companies XD.

Something interesting is that teaching about the Godhead is fairly easy (his sibling asked how teaching about the Godhead is received in the DR). Most people are either "catholic" (raised but not active) and willing to listen or evangelical and so confused about the nature of God and many other things that our saying anything concrete is accepted as potential truth. The nicest part of it all is that WHEREVER YOU ARE in the world, there is always one way to help people come to understand the nature of the Godhead: teach about the Restoration. If people come to know that the gospel has truly been restored, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, they will understand and accept that God and Jesus Christ are two separate beings of flesh and bone and that the Holy Ghost is a third personage but of spirit.

You guys make me wish all the more that I were home to enjoy the cold! Or rather, enjoy the cold from the warmth of the house and the inability to go out and do anything. :D
(We have had another week of cold weather.  We had freezing rain that made our driveway into an ice rink.  School was cancelled for 2 days.  My husband even stayed home from work one day because the ice was so bad!)

My companion, Elder R****, is from Cuernavaca, MX.  He is super chill and has really been helping me out to figure out how all this goes down. I am super grateful for the opportunity to serve others as a zone leader, but HOLY COW you have to do a lot of stuff and sacrifice a lot of proselyting time. 

Anyhow, we also have next to no time to write because of other stuff we have to do on the computer, so I am out of time. I hope to be able to speak a little more calmly next week. Any questions about my area, my companion, my house, zone leader stuff, etc. are welcome--I have next to nothing to say about our investigators because I still don't know them hardly at all.

Elder Rowe

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