Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wet! - August 29, 2016

It rains. A lot. I have soaked my legs through 4 times this week (out of 7 days). The umbrella covers my upper body and bag, but there is no guarantee on anything else. It's good, though. It means that the hottest month of the year has been bearable. The one day the sun came out I thought I was going to die.
This week was pretty good. Sounds like you guys were packed over there. In talking with one of the members of the ward here this week (José A***), I was reminded of Dad. José is a family man, a really relaxed guy with an accounting job. He has Dad's same style of humor, and does not seem like the kind of guy to start spewing slang out of nowhere, yet he does it without care for his image and he gets the laughs. I felt a little trunky talking to him when he came out with us. I love you too Dad! I feel like you have been my example in having a missionary "son." The most important thing is to lead by example, because it's as though I were a parent when my son is a teenager--he knows how to do most things, but I am easing him into doing stuff all on his own. I really appreciate how you have always been one to help me do stuff, instead of doing it for me. I need to work on that more, because I am the kind of person to just do things to make sure they get done right. better that i work with Elder R***** to do stuff together. i also need to tighten up a little on my example--since he was sick this week and needed some rest, I slacked a little on companionship study effectiveness. i am also being a terrible example as far as contacting goes--because I have long enough in a small area, I feel like I have already contacted every house (even though I absolutely have not).
We've been meeting with a pair of people who are SUPER prepared this week. Their names are A**** and K****. They are a husband and wife who are super interested, ask tons of questions, seek to study effectively, and do everything else a golden investigator should do. Every visit with them is super exciting and super spiritual, and i am super excited for them to get baptized. They don't have a date yet, but i have been thinking about extending one to them for October or something, because they want to know before they do something like that. Also, as a mission we have been seeking a lot of improvement recently and i feel like it has to do with planning. instead of just putting dates with people as soon as possible, it is better to put it way in advance and then move it closer if change is required. Also, I feel like the mission is getting a little too last-minute-focused. instead of making certain plans for next month, we strive too much to put plans for this month or for before the end of the transfer. It is much better to not baptize but leave an area with tons of progressing investigators that to baptize everyone and leave nothing for the following transfer. I know, Mom--baptisms are not success. It is in the planning that I am talking about success. We need to plan things WAY more in advance if we want to be good instruments in our Father's hands--I mean, He spent who knows how long planning the creation so that all would go well in the day he should decide to bring it to pass. He planned the Atonement and the events in Christ's earthly ministry thousands of years before He actually sent His Son to Earth.
Sorry about the brain dump--i always feel rushed. The shoes are treating me fine Mom. Thanks for getting them out! (Also thanks for the Gold Bears--they are always a favorite). Recently in Gospel Principles we were studying about the principles of a successful family (ch 36). The points came to my head super strong and I remembered doing them at home. I thought a lot in the moment about how I would apply them in my future family. Again I got trunky. (Come on man! This isn't supposed to happen! Note to self--CONSECRATION. FOCUS, BOY. XD)
Love you guys! until next week.
Élder Rowe

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