Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Brain is Mush - Nov 22, 2016

We had our first baptism Saturday (in this area)!! A lady named A**** from our area finally got her chance! She has been waiting for a long time, and was basically a dry member. She hasn't been able to be baptized for some time because her boyfriend wouldn't marry her, but he suddenly moved away upon my arrival in the area, and so she is good to go. She will be super faithful and active.

Thursday we went to the temple with the ward and investigators. A**** couldn't go, but a whole family who we've been working with went. We are trying to prep them for December. They have a charitable foundation which, among other things, provides free English classes. the downside is that the professor can only show up Sunday mornings. We were thinking of offering our services another day so that they could clear up Sunday mornings to come to church. The wife is a dry member and has a HUGE testimony (even told us a story of how a few months back she dragged the missionaries form house to house of her diseased friends offering them priesthood blessings because of how great her faith was in their capacity to bring healing!), and the husband's testimony is slowly growing. The only thing right now is that they can't go to church...GAAH! The best people always have the most opposition between them and baptism--this I had never realized before the mission.

Well, I'm not exactly sure of what else I can say. I am exhausted, and can't believe that we are now in Week 5 of the transfer. This transfer has gone by incredibly fast. It is as if each week is fast, although each day takes FOREVER. While the ward went cold just before we got here, we are working super hard to reactivate and rejuvenate them, and I love the people here. We are going to go through the temple as a mission this friday, and I am super excited. I have been preparing myself (and as a mission we have been preparing ourselves) more than I think I ever have in anticipation thereof.

I love and miss you guys. More from me next week. Also, tomorrow I hit 14 months (WAAAAAT?). Time flies when you're serving the Lord.

√Člder Rowe

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