Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Power issues in the DR- Nov 28, 2016


I don't know what it is about going to the temple that is so exhausting, but it really is. We went through (3 of the zones in the mission) on Friday, which involved getting up at 5 in the morning and being at the temple until 3.  I pulled out some money and bought my district pizza today. The crust was great, but it had low-quality, sweet sauce and weak cheese. We ate at the Conde, which is a street in the colonial city section of Santo Domingo (pretty cool, if we ever decide to do a DR trip--lots of old buildings, artifacts, and general history to be seen. Did you know that the DR has received US military interventions twice here? Once was to try to make it a US territory in the 19-teens, and once was what they call the "war of april," when the US sent troops to prevent a rebellion against the dictatorship they were in favor of.). Lots of touristy stuff for sale. Especially this one kind of precious stone only found here on the island called Larimar (it's a really cool light blue, and when I am leaving the mission I'm going to get some for you guys--earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, you name it, they have it in larimar).

So, yeah, Thanksgiving was not a thing until at the end of district meeting one of the sisters in the zone said "Happy Thanksgiving." Suffice it to say we did nothing. Scratch that, last Sunday I ate a canned beef stew for lunch because we had to run back to the chapel so I could play the piano for another ward's conference. 
That is quite the Thanksgiving experience. At least there were delicious leftovers! XD

 I emailed on Tuesday (I asked why he emailed last week on Tuesday instead of Monday) because power was out up here Monday, and our only internet center is in Hip√≥dromo (where the power was out), AND it doesn't have an inverter-battery system. We still haven't moved to the apartment we were discussing, and I think it's for a couple of reasons--first because there are some companionship unity problems in the house (at least there were until recently), and second because President is now into arranging transfers full-time. We find out what will go down on Saturday night, and I am still in shock of how fast the time has flown.

Hey Dad, I think I may have grown around half an inch thus far, but it can be hard to tell sometimes because these Dansko shoes make me a full inch taller. Props to Elijah for the growth spurt! (We measured Elijah and he is now 5' 6") I think it would be cool if he passed me up, because we'd get the full reversal family-wide: younger brother taller than older brother taller than dad, and younger sister taller than older sister taller than mom (We measured last night and Emma and I are about the same but Jessica is about an inch taller than both of us.) Ha!

So... power went out and this is all that Google had saved when I got back on... welcome to the DR. XD

Love you guys! This week was slow, so you're not missing much by the fact that I can't write anything more. Until next week!
√Člder Rowe

(I googled it and found this picture of Larimar)

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