Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NO TIME - April 24, 2017

I only have 10 minutes left to write, and I am only just getting to my email. And lo and behold, 15 people wrote me the day I have the least time! Oh the joys of being a missionary! ;)

I love you guys so much. I am so grateful that you are all faithful in the gospel and in the church. Despite all that could possibly go wrong in the world or in our lives, I have come to feel this week that the most important thing if you're being righteous is to BE HAPPY. Come what may, it is in POSITIVITY that we find peace. We always need to get better, but we can look at it from the perspective of "what more can I do?" rather than "what do I do wrong?"

Thanks for all your comments and love and support, and I'm so sorry I have no time to say anything more. Love you!

Elder Rowe

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