Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's No Longer April - May 1, 2017

Wow, it's May. I only have 4 months left as a missionary. That is RIDICULOUS (don't remind me--one of my housemates already does WAY too much). I don't have much time this week, again, but I have more than last week, so...here goes.

First things first, last week.
Yes, of COURSE I remember who Ansel is. HELLO! I hope he's doing well. He is going to graduate with you, right Jessica? Now THAT is weird. I'm going to miss your graduation! WAAAAT?!?!
Say hi to Mr. McDonald for me as well. I wanted to congratulate him on taking a few more teams to state in his last few years as coach, and also I wanted to let him know that the DR has some GREAT history and historical sites--seeing as he does Europe trips, I think he might also like a DR trip. Just be ready to not have ALL of the conveniences. There will be many, but, one gets used to what's lacking.

Mom and Dad, I printed off your letter last week and read through it A TON. Thank you both so very much--it has really been exactly what I've needed.  This week some of my housemates have been slacking off on the obedience thing, and for the first time in my mission I have given in to the temptation a few times. I have always striven to be EXACTLY obedient in the little things, but this week I slipped into starting study a few minutes late or leaving a few minutes late. It has been a big booster for me to hear from both of you. In particular, I want to thank you, Dad, for giving me a window into your mission. I feel like we've never really talked about your mission or how it was or what you did. It is probably a lot on my end for not asking, and for not reading your journals like you offered. I am sorry for not being so interested in the mission before the mission. I didn't really understand what it was or why I was going--I just knew I was going. I realize now that I could have been SO much more prepared to be here had I asked around. I just saw it as a future thing that I would deal with when I got to it. Oh well, though--you learn from your mistakes and you move on, not making them again, right? 

SHOOT time is up. I love you guys! Remind me what day is mother's day so I can set a time and not put appointments at that time. 

Elder Rowe

Here is a zone pic at our last zone conference, and hereis a family photo (I'm a GRANDPA!!). From right to left, my sons (Elders R****, C****, and W****, all district leaders) and my grandson, Elder S**** (via Elder W****).

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