Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I have no time to write again sorreeeee - June 26, 2017

yeah, I have like 5 minutes now. BRAIN SPLURGE

Mom, our job being to love others is absolutely correct. You can tell people out here that they need to repent and do all the logical convincing and scriptural proving you want, but without love in the invitation they will never truly repent. They might do it for you, but they won't do it for the Lord. I have also learned from companionships and being in branches that while there is often a "right" or "more proper and correct" way to do something, if you don't let the other person try it themselves they will never learn. It was like in my CompSci class when we were writing programs. The TAs don't walk around telling you to fix stuff--they wait for you to ask for help and then give you a suggestion that leads you to ponder until you come up with the answer yourself. It feels so much more rewarding.

Jessica--let's see how much I can get in with the time I have left.
First and foremost, it is OKAY to feel overwhelmed. It is all new, so it will pass within a week or two. Second, DON'T FALL FOR THE FROSH DATING CULTURE. You don't have to be focused on dating if you don't want to, and college doesn't have to be a contest to see who can get a boyfriend fastest or who can make out with more people first. I know you don't see it that way (nor did I), but tons of people around you will. Unfortunately, because the honor code is "on your honor," there will be people who break it and try to pull you into doing the same. Choose your friends wisely, and it is OKAY to be way more mature. Don't succumb to the temptation to lose that. It is something that will attract to you the kind of people you'll want to hang around. Also, don't feel committed to please everyone--if you don't like someone or you think they're not mature enough to be good company, still say hi but don't hang out with them. That is the wonderful beauty of college--because you have total control of your time, you can choose COMPLETELY who to spend time with. People from your ward, people from other wards, people you meet in the lobby, classmates, people who just so happen to eat at the Canon Center or the Wilk at the same time, etc. Enjoy the freedom, but keep the standards. While it's not as bad as at other colleges, even at BYU people take liberty to mean libertinousness and freedom to mean freedom from consequence or conscience. You're smarter than that, because even in a couple of days you've already seen it, and I am super proud of you for that. Love you so much!

Sorry I have no time left. GAAH. We are still getting SOAKED every single day by intense rain. We had stake conference Sunday and I got to see all my Villa Esfuerzo people again. I cried and laughed at the same time. It was super great. Our bikes aren't breaking down anymore, which is great. No sign of the crazy lady, though apparently she isn't crazy and just pretends to do so until someone gives her money, and if they don't she has money and phone and means to get back to the capitol and follow someone else. 0.o what even is this country sometimes XD

I love you guys so much! Can't wait to see you again, but I also don't want to leave! GAAAH!!

√Člder Rowe

Yes, singles wards are WEIRD. There isn't much you can do about changing how people treat sacrament meeting or classes, but you can change how you come to sacrament meeting. Try an exercise--set some simple rules for yourself, or pick a couple of honor code rules, and put the list somewhere you'll see and remember it. Each week try to live that rule EXACTLY--to the second, to the inch, to the whatever. Then before church on Sunday repent sincerely where you fell short, and think about the marvel that is forgiveness and grace as you take the sacrament. I GUARANTEE you that the spirituality of those meetings will increase for you, even if others don't treat it seriously.

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