Wednesday, June 7, 2017

In the Backwoods - May 29, 2017

Hello there everyone!!
I am in the middle of NOWHERE. Bikes, hills, mud, rocks, hilly-muddy-rocky-bike-rides, jungle, rain, horses, cows, junky motorcycles, you name it, it's here. Internet is SUPER ÜBER SLOW. But, this is where I will probably end the mission, so I'd better get used to it.
Because of the change in mission presidents, this transfer will be 3 weeks long (we are already one of those weeks down) and next transfer will be 9 weeks long. I am with Elder V*** from Costa Rica, and I live in the house with Elder P**** from Honduras and Elder O**** from Kansas City. Our house is comfortably small (kitchen and study area are one room, with two bedrooms off to the side with a bathroom in between).
I am super happy for Jessica with all her end-of-high-school stuff--that was a super fun time. I am glad to hear she's enjoying it. 

Dad, I have felt EXACTLY the same way thinking back on the transfers I was assigned to train. I continue to wonder if I took away opportunities to learn from my "kids" for trying to make sure things got done right. I have come to realize that, while doing things right the first time is important, it is often more important to let things be done well but not perfectly so that the one doing stuff can learn. The Lord uses imperfect people to do things perfectly--in other words, if not everything goes as planned or as desired, IT'S OKAY; there is room in the Plan for that. All our errors combined somehow work out. Obviously once we know something we are held accountable, but we don't have to stress so very much.
Anyhow, I need to go. I love you guys! Sorry this was rather disorganized.  Today we went to the caves I went to in my first transfer in the mission. I found my name in the sludge on the wall and took a picture with it. We got soaked on the way back. Pics next week.
Élder Rowe

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