Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Still Here is Gonzalo - June 13-2017

I don't have much time to write today--I'm writing a day late because the internet in Gonzalo is terrible (there is only one center(ç) and we had to travel to Sabana Grande (20 mins on a bike) to write home today in an internet center there.

I tried the new card out. It's a different PIN, but I have it memorized already. It works just fine. (His debit card on his home account expired and we had to send him a new one.) It's weird that the card is vertically oriented. Also, the chip thing is nice. When I left that wasn't even really a thing yet, but it has even gotten here fast.

I stayed here in Gonzalo with transfers, and I am with Elder O**** from the other area. Gonzalo and its border towns are now just one area that Elder O**** and I have to manage. This will be an interesting and intense 9 weeks. I am super excited.

I will take advantage of what little time is left to send pictures. I love you guys! BYE

Élder Rowe

"This picture is when I had pinkeye as part of a tropical fever cold virus thing I got. It was going around, and it was inevitable. I was sick for a couple of days and got permission to wear sunglasses for the light sensitivity, and then everything cleared up."

The river where they hold baptismal services.

Fruit called Marañón or Cajuil (kahueel) which tastes somewhat like unripe starfruit (Carambola),

Fitting his custom suit he plans to wear home.

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