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Almost Christmas - Dec 21, 2015

¡Feliz Navidad! (Y Noche Buena)

I cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner, nor that my second transfer is almost over. Transfers are the 29th, and it would kinda stink to be transferred between Christmas and New Year´s, but... We´ll see what happens. 

It is still hot here. It rains every other day now, and in the mornings it´s nice, but otherwise there is no sign that Christmas is this Friday but the lights that absolutely cover the bars of nearly every porch and patio (at least, when the power´s not out). Elder M**** and I have been getting along great. We´ve really become great friends over the past six weeks, and i really hope we get to keep working out here in Los Tres Brazos together.

This week has been an improvement over the last, since we´ve been much more focused on our goals than just writing them down. In planning we´ve been making sure to contact members to go out with us days in advance, and have been trying to firm up as many citas as we can for this week, since half of our investigators left to visit their families until mid-January and the other half may or may not have family visiting. We have a good number set in stone, but we´ll see how much success we have. With an eye of faith, we see ourselves at all those appointments and more.

This week we set two baptismal dates (and a marriage date) for Fr**** and G**** R****, a couple we met a while back who have been busy with work and school until now. Fr**** is amazingly spiritual, er, interested in spiritual things. He comes from an Evangelical background, so sometimes it gets awkward asking him to calm down a little bit or to try to get him to respond specifically to doctrinal questions. However, he and G**** are super nice, have a ton of ward members as neighbors and friends already, and had the opportunity to attend church with us on Sunday. Elder M**** and I are exceedingly excited to keep working with them (at least, if we don´t get transferred).

We´ve also been working a lot (and I mean A LOT) with the Familia P****, which consists of B**** (35, mother), L*** (15), B*** (14), and D*** (13). We get along really well with them, and have been able to be really did√°ctico in our lessons, getting everyone involved. However, their mom works until late, and the kids have had school and thus none have been keeping up with their reading assignments, even though they be 1 PARAGRAPH LONG. It pains me to see that, since they have so much potential to be a strong family, and because the gospel will be able to have such a positive influence on L***, B***, and D*** in this critical time in their lives. But, armed with treats, videos, and new teaching ideas, we´re going to keep visiting them this week and pushing for progress. I can see them being baptized and heading for the temple, and I cannot rest until I have done all I can to make that dream a reality.

This Thursday we´ll have a zone lunch that the zone hermana (sister) leaders are going to make, and we´ll practice a skit for Friday, when we have a Christmas activity as the city zones (Ozama, Las Americas, y Santo Domingo) at the mission office Friday morning. Thus, the skyping will take place in the afternoon (for me; keep in mind I´m three hours ahead). As for an exact time I am unsure, since none of the internet places here have webcams. We will be in contact with members about going over to someone´s house to skype, and I will see if I can get permission to send a quick email once I know a more specific time. It will be (my time) after 1 but probably before 4 or 5, since we´re planning to have a dinner at a member´s house. However, it may be at the dinner that I skype, so again, I will try to get permiso to let you know.

Until then, Merry Christmas, and safe travels!
Elder Rowe

We did email back and forth a couple of times and got to Skype with him for an hour.  It was wonderful to see him!  He is doing well.  He has put on a few pounds that he says it is muscle... This companion has put him on an exercise regimen. All I know is that it he looks good and sounds generally happy.

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