Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life is hard! - Jan 10, 2016

Hello there everyone,

Elijah, that´s awesome that you got to go on your first snow outing and pass the Sacrament for the first time! I am super proud of you, bro!

Emma, you´ll be happy to know that your weekly "gibberish" has brought a smile to my face and helped me destress myself. Thank you for being you and keepin´ it real!

Jessica, a ** on the ACT is AWESOME! That´s the big-brained sister I know! I know that finals and Forte or Track and Stroup are gonna be real rough here soon, but I also know that YOU CAN DO IT! Just do me a favor and do something I always lacked that made it so hard for me: even when you have no time or are most tired or whatever, take the time to pray sincerely, and to read at least one verse of scripture before you start with homework (try flipping open the Book of Mormon to a random page after praying, and watch the miracles happen). It will clear your mind and strengthen your soul, and not having such practices as habits before the mission is one of my biggest regrets. But, there´s always room for repentance, right? :)

Okay, if last week was rough, this week was death; but honestly, I have a lot more faithful, hopeful, ánimo-filled outlook on the coming week this time. We were traveling every day this week, so we had almost no lessons and filled our time with unsuccessful contacting because I don´t know where any of the members live (Elder M***** and I hardly visited them) and because I don´t know where half of our old investigators and less actives live. Monday night we stayed the night at the APs house because Elder H*****, after cutting off his girlfriend of 2.5 years (he has a year in the mission), had a breakdown. Tuesday we had our interviews with President Corbitt two days early (with a zone not our own, but because of what went down Monday night), and didn´t get back to our area until 5 or so. Wednesday we lost the morning and half of the afternoon with a dentist appointment for Elder H***** (two premolar root canals, yay!). Thursday we were at the stake center early in the morning for the training for our Zone (Ozama) that accompanied interviews with President Corbitt (but we ducked out in the middle to get Elder H*****´s root canals capped and sealed before returning to the training), and that lasted until 5 or 6. Friday we had our district-zone meetings that took all morning, and Saturday we were in the mission office until 3ish so Elder H***** could meet with a psychologist. So yeah, madness. However, we still have two firm baptismal dates for this month in the R***** family, Fr***** and G*****. We finally got a hold of the records of all the members in the ward, with addresses and markings as to who is active, who is less active, and who has moved away. We have plans to go out with at least three members this week, and we have visits set to train members to obtain (and then give us) references. Though our numbers have been low, for our obedience we are being blessed, I know it. Although I might be tired and a little exasperated at our lack of numerical success, I have felt the Spirit more strongly in the lessons we have had, and I have felt more inspired to work hard even when I might be soaked in sweat and it is 8:30 pm and still 80 degrees outside plus humidity and we have no appointments and have already contacted all the areas it´s safe to visit at night. I know it sounds bad, but I know I´m with Elder H***** for a reason, like you said, and I feel I´ve been able to work a lot on developing charity this week.
I hope everything continues to go well for you guys, and that you have a sweet week.
Élder Rowe

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