Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Patience and Optimism - Jan 17, 2016

Hey there everyone,

Sorry, this is going to be super short--President Corbitt asked me to give a report on what was up with me and Elder H*****, and I had a lot to specify. Thus, rapid blurb.

This week has been even harder than the last. Our two baptismal dates for the month fell through, and their work schedules complicated themselves so we can only see them Fridays and the girlfriend is the only one who can come to church Sundays. We talked to 4 less actives and an investigator Saturday about coming to church (and they accepted the invitation) but none of them showed, despite frantic calls to all of them. Sorry, that´s really negative--I need to look for the positive stuff that happened this week.
I´ve taken up journal writing again now that I have more time (i really slacked off on that), and it has helped me develop patience with Elder H*****. I have felt my patience growing a lot with him, and we are actually getting along all right now outside the house (he still hates me, though, because I want to be honest with President Corbitt and for some reason he won´t tell me and I can´t figure out). I have had a LOT of time to do scripture study as well, and I have loved the time I´ve been spending in an in.depth new testament study. There really are a lot of nuggets of wisdom and joy in the apostolic epistles, once you wade through all the apostate mistranslation XD. We have specific plans for February about getting a weekly calendar going so members can go out with us more easily. I feel good about the future: I just don´t know about transfers (that could be a touchy subject, depending on how the next one goes the 9th of February). EMU! also we have an investigator, V***** whose birthday is feb. 9th. EMU! Also congrats Jessica on getting into Fort√©! I can´t wait to see and hear all the arrangements you guys do when I get back.

Sorry to disappoint you guys with not much to say about the week, but next week I will have more time and thus more I will be able to say.
Love you all,
√Člder Rowe

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